In a traditional Midsummer Sunday lunch, sheltered from the sun by a lemon tree, a  Vignale di San Cipriano Picentino , a village nestled on the slopes of the "Cerreta", nickname local in the Monte Monna , from the compliments of the diners, for an exceptional liqueur, obtained from the   fresh local wild fennel , following the ancient recipe of Nonna Anna , the idea of ​​a craft company that enhances and proposes to an audience of connoisseurs is born better than Picentina food and wine.

Nonna Anna, attentive, passionate and innovative in the Picentine food and wine traditions , is the mother of Samuele Elia, owner of 'Nonna Anna company proposing as its first product "Monna", fresh wild fennel liqueur of the Picentini Mountains.
The logo tree of " Nonna Anna "is the reproduction of the detail of a painting in the San Francesco convent in Giffoni Valle Piana, the birthplace of Nonna Anna herself and, for this reason, a place full of memories and symbolic of roots firmly in the memory.

Lush greenery, abundance of water, ancient olive trees, chestnut woods, hazel groves, native vineyards, breathtaking landscapes, a unique microclimate due to the happy exposure to the sun, height and short distance from the sea, make the Picentini Mountains a treasure chest and a unique crucible for the production of culinary excellence.

The many institutional and commercial awards show how the gift of living in a fertile land combined with centuries-old traditions in production methods and in recipes handed down from mother to daughter , they can give life to products tasted and appreciated all over the world.